If you’re opioid dependent, you already know what it has done to your life. You understand the pleasurable feelings opioids produce; the cravings you feel when you don’t have them; and the lengths you will go to in order to satisfy those cravings. You will also understand the crushing withdrawal symptoms you experience if you attempt to turn away from opioids.

All of these factors taken together make breaking the cycle of opioid dependence extremely difficult.

But you can get your life back. When used as instructed, a relatively new drug, SUBOXONE, has been shown to have unprecedented success in breaking the cycle of opioid dependence.

At the Addiction Outreach Clinic, LTD, we have seen that success first hand. We urge you to explore this website and learn more about how our treatment program can help you or a loved one who is opioid dependent.

Opioid Dependence

Learn why it is considered to be
a disease and the long-term
effects of it.


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Learn how Suboxone© can help
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